How It Was

Hyperion never considered any weapon other than the cestus .

Hyperion is the first war bred being in existence , he created the first weapon , the Nemean Cestus , in doing so the Nemean Lion , he can summon it with even the slightest thoughts , it's size varying with his spirit energy variation (mood) , as with any other weapon for a Titan.

His Arsenal

The Nemean Cestus growls independently of his clone , two dopplegangers to the real Nemean Lion , They plunge into the ground , burrowing in turns and can upheave the ground in a 30 metre redius.

The Zeus Cestus is an identical copy of the real Zeus Cestus ,  they can create a column of electricity in a 15 metre radius and 30 metre high , they almost cover his entire body and is in it's entirity a defensive weapon.

But something occured to Hyperion , a strange and wonderful beast caught his attention and had the spirit energy compatible to make a new pair of Cestus , something Hyperion would very much like to add to his collection.

to be continued