In the beginnningEdit

Centuries have passed since the Olympians have defeated the titans , the Titans remain in hiding , keeping covert.

Poseidon rules seven seas but Oceanus still rules 4 oceans.

Hades rules the "Hades Realm" instead of Cronos.

Zeus is Chief Olympian and Ruler of skies.

Ares is God of War.

Nike is the godess of victory.

Boreus is the godess of northern wind. Typhon still controls all other wind in the mortal world , Although he is trapped under a mountain.

Nemesis the godess of revenge , and a plethora of other gods and godesses doing other minor things.

The titans neutralize any God that crosses our path but they think twice before confronting those 6.

How things areEdit

Crius' body is chained to what mortals of the modern age call the "south pole" .

Atlas' body is forced deep inside the earth.

Cronos' roams freely in Tartarus pit , constantly sending monsters back to the mortal world , unknown to the gods.  As the second oldest Titan , Hyperion can call off any monster he wishes , but never abuses "authority" , he chooses to neutralize.

Oceanus remains absolutely free and roams the oceans.

Perses remains absolutely free and roams the craters.

Prometheus , released by Heracles , Still lives in Mount Othrys.

Typhon's body is chained under a mountain.

Hyperion remains absolutely free and occupies most of Mount Othrys.

Truly titanic warriorsEdit

to be continued