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Welcome to the God of War Fan Fiction Wiki! God of War is one of the most famous video games for the PlayStation 3. With three games it has amassed and aroused a huge amount of fans, many of whom enjoy and love the series so much that they create their own additions to the God of War tale. God of War Fan Fiction was designed for anyone who would like to edit or create their own addition to this series. We accept almost all stories, as long as they have something to do with the God of War Franchise. If you are interested in GOW Fan Fiction, please help out the wiki by joining and sharing your ideas with the wiki.

It is recommended that new users read the Rules. It will help them get familiar with the standards that we accept here at the wiki.

Wiki NewsEdit

August 25- The Wiki has been created

August 27- The Wiki has a new theme

August 31- The Official Rules have been created

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DBZGamingAddict- Founder and Leader (Active)