Da Rules are things that all users must follow on the God of War Fan Fiction Wiki. Excessive breaking of the rules will get you a ban. How long the ban will be depends on what you did and how sever it was.

Community RulesEdit

  • Be Helpful- Be helpful around the wiki, including to new users. Its good for them and its good for you.
  • Don't Troll- Don't go around the wiki saying bad things about people/articles. Excessive trolling will get you banned.
  • Vandalism- One of the most important rules here. DO NOT VANDALISE. People caught vandalising will be given ONE warning. If the vandalism continues the user will get a ban. How long you are banned is decided on how severe it was.
  • Respect Opinion- If someone has an opinion, respect that opinion. Don't try to force your opinion on them.
  • Sock Puppeting- One user. One account. Don't create more than one account for yourself. If there are any reasons for creating a second account, notify an administrator (Must be good reason).
  • Administration- Don't ask to be on the Administrative team. You will not be promoted.

Mature ContentEdit

  • Sexual Content- Sexual content is allowed on the wiki, just as long as there isn't sex in every damn chapter.
  • Swearing and Cursing- Curse words are allowed on this wiki, just as long as there isn't a curse in every sentence.

Fan Fiction GuidelinesEdit

  • Folow the GOW Universe- Only stories related to the God of War franchise are allowed on this wiki. If you have a story about Star Wars or Looney Tunes it will be deleted.